Gain A Qualification in Mental Health First Aid

Based in Wolverhampton, we offer mental health first aid training at a variety of locations around the West Midlands and can arrange to offer courses at your own premises.
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Mental Health Champions One Day Course

A course designed to give MHFA Champions –

  • An understanding of common mental health issues  

  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness

  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health 

  • Skills to support positive wellbeing

Designated Mental Health First Aider Two Day Course

A practical skills and awareness course designed to give you:

  • A deeper understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect peoples wellbeing, including your own

  • Practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues

  • Confidence to step in reassure and support a colleague in distress

  • Knowledge to help someone recover their health by guiding them to appropriate support

Mental Health Awareness, in your workplace. Half Day Course

It is designed to give you:

  • An understanding of what mental health is and how to challenge stigma

  • A basic knowledge of some common mental health issues

  • An introduction to looking after your own mental health and maintaining wellbeing

  • Confidence to support someone in distress or who may be experiencing a mental health issue

Local mental health first aid courses

Training in Mental Health First Aid

Because 1 in 4 people will experience mental health issues at some point in the year. Because 14% of men don’t feel they have anyone to talk to about their mental health. Because Mental Health issues are the number one cause of staff absence in the UK. And more. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons for us to do what we do. We’re on a mission train Mental Health First Aiders and Champions across the West Midlands.

Together, we will undo the stigma of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Together we will breakdown the barriers of understanding. Together we will improve workplaces, schools and colleges for everyone.
Mental health education with us will empower you to care for yourself and others.

How Mental Health Can Impact Others

Mental Health First Aid at work - Siemens

Mental health issues can affect employees in every organisation, at every level. That’s why Siemens has introduced Mental Health First Aid training to offer all of their employees peer support. The next steps are learning how to help your colleagues and others around you.

mental health first aid course near me

As a partner to “Mental Health First Aid” England, we are part of a mission to train one in ten of the population Mental Health skills.  We are based in the West Midlands, Wolverhampton. So if you’re based in Telford, Shropshire, Birmingham, Solihull, Walsall or Wolverhampton, we are offering mental health first aid courses near you.

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Mental Health Statistics

in the workplace and education

An estimated 1 in 6 adults
have experienced a
‘common mental disorder’
like depression or anxiety
in the past week

People with a long-term mental health condition lose their jobs every year at around double the rate of those without a mental health condition. 

Women between the ages of 16 and 24 are almost three times as likely (26%) to experience a common mental health issue as males of the same age (9%)

Perception: Over a third of the public think people with a mental health issue are likely to be violent

75% of mental illness (excluding dementia) starts before age 18

About 20% of young people with mental ill health wait more than six months to receive care from a specialist

Mental illness is the second-largest source of burden of disease in England. Mental illnesses are more common, long-lasting and impactful than other health conditions

The economic costs of mental health issues in England have been estimated at £105 billion each year

There were 602,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19 in Great Britain


Taking part into the 2 day MHFA Course was very intense but informative. It has helped me as an individual, as a mother and as a manager. It has changed my perspective and opened my eyes to certain aspects of mental health that I would never have thought about.

Highly recommended for anyone in middle management or above. It will break down the barriers and preconceptions that you may have regarding mental illness.

Sherene Glynn

Wrekin Housing Group

Really insightful course, providing detailed knowledge about mental health. Having completed, I feel much more confident about dealing with mental health issues within the workplace.


Cotteswold Dairy

I found the course very engaging and useful, not only for the work environment but for personal experiences. The course was professionally delivered with plenty of real anecdotes which we could relate to.

Sean Tennant


I have just completed the 2 day mental health first aid course and it was brilliant! some amazing people and a very interesting course. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge of mental health and develop the skills to support others as well. Thank you Teresa for a great course (and Jim of course).
Zoe Powers

I have done the half day course and the 2 day. both were excellent. I would recommend either to anyone. Mental health is often overlooked and within the sessions you learn how it affects not just yourself, but everybody else.

Teresa as an instructor is warm, friendly and creates a safe space for all to share experiences.

Great course.

Michael Cartwright

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to attend a 2 day course through my work – Access to Business. I found the experience of the trainer – Teresa – to be excellent and well explained. The course has helped me, not just with clients but also with my own issues. I would thoroughly recommend that you attend this course for added piece of mind and confidence to help others.

DH Wolverhampton

Access To Business

Theresa is a lovely lady, knowledgeable and caring and very experienced in this field. Would recommend without hesitation.
Andi Blynn

Very enjoyable course and very well presented by our trainer.

Keith Fitzsimons

I was given the opportunity to attend the Mental Health First Aid course at Access To Business and found it to be a very rewarding experience. It has given me the confidence to talk to people who may have mental health issues. I am now considered to be someone who can advise only regarding first response. The course was very informative and had just the right amount of information to enable me to have a working knowledge of mental health issues. The trainer was especially good and went at the right pace.

Roz Roberts

Access To Business

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Our mental health first aid courses are for businesses and individuals throughout the West Midlands, including but not limited to: Wolverhampton, Dudley, Walsall, Telford, Birmingham, Solihull, Shropshire. We hold our courses in Wolverhampton which can be easily accessed by train, bus or car.

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